the why of why

We ask why because we cannot ask nothing. Because nothing sits,  stares uncomfortably at us. Relentless, heartless, wonderless, soulless.We ask why because we need something else. We need something to ponder, to hope, to factor in and follow through to the other side. The side that is brighter, the side that is lighter. The side that sighs relief and gives us peace from why.

We ask why when we see answers we do not want. We ask why when we see love returned, pain standing, staring, waiting, wanting. We ask why before we turn away, before we attempt to rewind, undo, try something different. We ask why because we are scared, human, small, sad.

Why, I wonder. Why sadness, why loss, why pain, why heartbreak. Why will you leave, why will I stay, why will I be alone, and why do I why do I why do I why do I why do I why.

Why does it hurt. Why does it hate. Why does it care to see me cry. To wonder. To beg. To pace.


Can you tell me why?

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