half truth of a whole life

I’m just sharing this because it makes me giggle.

I’ve had this here blog since October of 2006, I believe. Since that time, almost every single day one of the search terms is “half truth of a whole life” with the IP address always being similar, if not the same.

Now, bless you, whomever you are, but you should know that if you just remove the spaces and add a .com to the end you could save a whale or something with all the saved search-induced global warming stuff.

(Or you could subscribe to the blog, but I don’t want to be pushy.)

Other search terms for today included (I’ve linked to the posts that I either know they were led to or I think they may have been led to):

the days before google

bitches don’t know shit about my aids (<– a gem from 2007)

amanda carsey

littlefuck (this one was tough. you search this on my blog and nearly every post is returned…)

muthers a cock

isagenix and gas

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