so today’s been awesome

I’m ill. Hacking cough, tissues stuffed up my nose, chapstick smeared on my nose because that’s what’s chapped, not my stinkin’ lips. Add to that that I can’t taste a goddamned thing but I still insist on eating high calorie foods for fun and you’ve got yourself a winning day.

Oh, plus I managed to piss my mom off so she’s not even feeling sorry for me. Super. Just super.

On days like this, when the self pity is really thick, I get really anxious. The week is now blown because I didn’t get my Monday AM workout in, the one that sets the tone for the whole week, I’ve slept all day which means I definitely won’t be tired tonight, which means I won’t sleep, which means I’ll have a hard time getting up tomorrow, which means tomorrow is ruined, which instantly means the rest of my life is going to be ruined and I’ll never grow up to be the girl I’ve always wanted. Hmpfh.

And then there is Facebook. I should just burn my computer. Nothing takes self pity to the depths that Facebook can. I’m lying on my couch watching the most depressing Robin Wright Penn movie ever, looking at photos of friends I haven’t managed to keep up with, people who don’t like me, and some I’m pretty sure want me dead.

I’m in a good place, as you can tell.

All of that was simply to set up my announcement that there won’t be a blog post coming today. I’m cranktastic to say the least, annoyed at the reason my mother is mad, sick as a squirrel, annoyed that I’m annoyed about the reason my mother is mad at me, and stuff full on food I couldn’t taste.

But don’t worry. I wont take it completely out on you. I’m going to post some photos of the infamous dress. The photos aren’t great, but you get the idea…

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