it’s friday, i have a suggestion

That title is code for “it’s Friday and I’m having a terrible day at work, I’m not going to make it to the UPS store before my package gets sent back to Texas, my hair looks terrible, it’s raining, my best friend is moving to New York and I’m a silent emotional wreck, and the stress of thinking of something to write that will make you all like me is too much.” So, we’re going to declare today “Suggestion Friday.”

My suggestion: watch Little Miss Perfect.

Since the cable company forced the hubs and I to get all those channels, we’ve been tumbling down a dark TV hole. I copped to my Ghost Whisperer addiction a few posts ago, but I need to be honest… that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. We watch all sorts of lame awesome stuff. The hubs watches the DIY network a lot which is actually really funny since he doesn’t DIH–ever. (Unless I force him to, say, build a light fixture for the dining room.) But I would allow the cable company to strip me of every start-up station on the whole roster as long as I got to keep whatever channel Little Miss Perfect appears.

I’ve heard that it’s similar to a show called “Toddlers in Tiaras”, but even without seeing that version, I can promise you it is the red headed step child. Little Miss Perfect follows the LMP pageant all around the country as it stops to hold beauty competitions for little girls in po-dunk towns and the brother/sister couples who parented them. It is magnificent. I am so deliciously mortified every time I watch it. Layer on to that “Mr.Micheal” the creeptastic pageant director and Mario Lopez of the teenie pageant circuit and you’ve got yourself a lawsuit in the making. He even sings a song to the girls at the end. (This is why I can only watch it on DVR. The song is so creepy and the way he uses the little girls as props is a big red flag for me, so I have to fast forward through it. But who cares. It is such good television.)

In one episode a little girl was so sick to her stomach she had to bow out of the pageant. (She was about to toss it on stage.) After the pageant Mr. Michael pulled her aside, not to tell her he hoped she felt better, but to tell her that true Little Miss Perfects would have finished the pageant at all costs. Yup, no chance you’ve scared her for life, PeeWee.

If you have onDemand, you can watch it whenever you want.

Let me know if you’d like to stop by and watch a few episodes.