for kitty…

There is a difference between the moment that your heart breaks—that unmistakable pain that starts some where inside your being and slowly makes its way to your heart, a pain that makes you certain that there is no tomorrow—and the moment that your heart breaks open. The pain, though nearly unbearable, almost identical to heart break, bears with it a distinct and beautiful difference: somehow, some where, at the end of a pain that seems as though it will last forever, is a light. It’s a sign of hope. It doesn’t make promises. It doesn’t tell you in the middle of the night that everything is going to be okay. What it does is remind you that beyond what we experience, beyond what we are certain will consume us, is something else. When your heart breaks open, it is raw and fragile. It is a gift that so few people are given. It is the opportunity to look inside the heart. What you find in there is what guides you towards that light. And eventually it will heal.
And then all you have to do is remember what it is that you saw when your heart broke open.

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