kickin’ it (in high gear)

**Just an update.**

It’s clear that this nonsensical bullshit is not going to win me a Pulitzer. However, I feel very strongly that nonsensical bullshit coupled with illegally-obtained and rights-managed photos certainly will. So I’m going to try to start inserting images. (That and I’ve been told that my blog posts have too many words….I’m going to have to suggest that if you don’t like reading so many words, you read something with less words, like Perez. I use a lot of words.) Maybe spice things up a bit.

As for the new header, though it looks like I am missing a tooth, I can promise you that I’m not. It’s just one of those things that happens to me.

Feel free to post comments about the changes. Or about me. Or about whatever. I’ve even been known to take topic requests. I’ll put you in my liner notes.